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Best Food Truck of 2013: Mikey’s Late Night Slice

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Food Truck of 2013: Mikey’s Late Night Slice
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A new year meant a lot of new competition in the food truck landscape in Columbus as new businesses popped up every month. But when we polled our readers in our annual readers survey, the results steered mostly toward trucks that have a few seasons under their belts and a larger fanbase and following.

At the top of that list is Mikey’s Late Night Slice, a two-truck operation that is a long-time staple of food truck festivals, late night dining and a growing lineup of brick-and-mortar locations which included the Columbus Commons Stand, The LC and the Park Street Complex in 2013.

“We all know Mikey’s Late Night Slice for a few things,” said CU Food Writer Ayana Wilson in a story earlier this year. “Huge slices of pizza pie for a great price, awesome dudes who take what they do with the appropriate mix of seriousness and whimsy, a small army of food trucks and shops, and the wickedly hot Fiery Death Pizza Challenge.”

For more information, visit www.latenightslice.com.

The Top 10 Food Trucks of 2013:

  1. Mikey’s Late Night Slice
  2. RayRay’s Hog Pit
  3. Mya’s Fried Chicken
  4. That Food Truck
  5. Junior’s Tacos
  6. Tatoheads
  7. Ajumama
  8. Kenny’s Meat Wagon
  9. Sweet Carrot
  10. Swoop

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  • Achekov

    I can’t argue with this pick. It was one of the most buzzed about trucks last year.

  • carrie loves columbus

    Yup. Good list. But Ray Rays and Mikeys both have brick and mortar locations. Somehow doesn’t seem fair. Make room for other trucks that only have the street to rely on.

  • Eugene_C

    I probably ate at Yerba Buena’s (run by ‘El Aprepazo’) food truck the most in 2013, but I can’t argue with this list, either.

  • Thanks to everyone who voted for us, so pleased to be in exceptional company with some of our favorite trucks. :)

  • slut sauce FTW

  • Mack741

    Were most of the folks submitting votes drunk when they filled out the questionnaire?

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