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Best Columbus Underground Contributor of 2012: Chris Sunami

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Columbus Underground Contributor of 2012: Chris Sunami
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Every year we like to honor the folks who help define what Columbus Underground is through the community-centric messageboard where users start new discussions every day and share insight and opinion on a wide variety of topics.

This year, our readers picked Chris Sunami as the best contributor of the year. Chris is well known on the CU messageboard for his thoughtful contributions and ambitious drive to see Columbus become a better place. Chris is also a published author, public speaker, and proud resident of the King Lincoln District. In 2012, Chris planned and organized the 200Columbus Invitational Arts Competition and Columbus Performing Arts Showcase, which helped to highlight the wide array of artistic talent that Columbus has to offer.

The Top 10 Columbus Underground Contributors of 2012:

  1. Chris Sunami
  2. Twixlen
  3. Melanie McIntyre
  4. Manatee
  5. Jon Myers
  6. Coremodels
  7. Bear
  8. Rockmastermike
  9. Graybeak
  10. Cookie

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  • Mister Shifter

    Congrats Chris!!!

  • Bear

    Well earned. Congratulations!

  • Mandy Henderson

    Always a pleasure to read. Keep on keepin’ on!

  • Porky

    Congrat Chris, well deserved, I agree w/Mandy always a pleasure to read and most often I learn a thing or two.

  • Mister Shifter

    Snarf got robbed.

  • Thanks muchly! I agree, should have been snarf. But I will treasure this award always! :D

  • DavidF

    Congratulations Chris!

  • Snarf

    Cookie? lol.

  • Snarf

    I was hoping the chick that did a restauranrt review on Grass Skirt via takeout food would have been a contender.

  • SusanB


  • Twixlen

    Congrats Chris! It’s always a pleasure to read what you post! :D Walker should have your crown, sash, and gift basket to you shortly.

  • Graybeak

    oh my goodness. It is amazing what you find when you read the stories on the front page.

    Thanks folks, and congrats Chris!

  • geoyui

    Congrats to all!

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