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Best Coffee of 2012: Stauf’s Coffee Roasters

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Coffee of 2012: Stauf’s Coffee Roasters
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One new category that we added for our Readers’ Survey in 2012 is Best Coffee. And we felt justified in introducing it this year since several new cafes and roasteries opened this year, including Mission, Hemisphere Mobile Coffee Cart, Grandview Grind and One Line, just to name a few.

When it comes to the best of the best though, our readers stick with one of the roasters that have been around for over two decades: Stauf’s. With a large roastery located on the west side of Columbus, Stauf’s provides fresh roasted grounds to their eight Cup O’ Joe / MoJoe Lounge locations as well as the original Stauf’s cafe on Grandview Avenue. Additionally, Stauf’s coffees are served at dozens of other cafes and restaurants throughout the region, with wholesale products also available for purchase online. Needless to say, Stauf’s coffee is just about as easy to find in Columbus as Starbucks, giving you little reason to never drink locally roasted coffee.

The Top 10 Best Coffee Shops/Roasters of 2012:

  1. Stauf’s Coffee Roasters
  2. Cafe Brioso
  3. Crimson Cup
  4. One Line Coffee
  5. Impero
  6. Thunderkiss
  7. Hemisphere Coffee Roasters
  8. Yeah Me Too!
  9. Upper Cup Coffee
  10. Luck Bros.
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  • jmjaffe

    Stauf’s is great, and I’m sure their deep roots in the community go a long way to developing support and loyalty in a community such as this, but the coffee at Brioso is head and shoulders above any of the other roasters.

    That’s not a slight on the others, either. I’ve tried all of them at the North Market coffee tastings and they were all really good. Brioso is just that awesome.

  • Urban Dansigner

    I second the comment about Brioso. They are the best in town!

  • I’m not a big coffee drinker myself (more of a latte kinda guy) but I love that so many new roasteries are opening up all across the city! We could probably use 10 more of them!

  • Brioso and One Line have my vote, with One Line a slight edge.

  • The Cubano at Brioso is delicious. Congrats to Thunderkiss! If you haven’t tried Jason’s roasts yet, they are supreme. And you can purchase 6 oz. packages of Thunkderkiss coffees at WTR?!. ;)

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