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Best Bar of 2010 – St. James Tavern

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Bar of 2010 – St. James Tavern
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The St. James Tavern has been around for awhile, but in 2010 saw a bit of a renaissance with Columbus Underground regulars. SJT Owner Michelle Hill maintains a regular presence here on CU, which might be one of the main reasons that Columbus Underground readers feel so at home there.

In addition to hosting our February Happy Hour Meetup, the Saint James has been home to a plethora of other special events including cask-tapping parties, food cart partnerships and more.

The Top 10 Bars of 2010:

  1. St. James Tavern
  2. Surly Girl Saloon
  3. Bodega
  4. Mouton
  5. O’Reilly’s
  6. Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails
  7. Barrel 44
  8. The Rossi
  9. Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits
  10. Bob’s Bar

Flashback: Best Bar of 2009 – Surly Girl Saloon

Flashback: Best Bar of 2008 – Bodega

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  • Congrats to Michelle and crew!  I always have a great time at the St. James.  Great beer priced right, all the time, no happy hour shenanigans and friendly service.  I’m glad to see them getting some love.

  • osulew

    Hell yea! SJT is the best! :)

  • catnfiddle

    SO much love for SJT.  They were incredibly gracious when 30 of us marched in on a fairly early Wednesday evening, each armed with a Bono Pizza.  They even cleaned up the boxes while serving us at top speed.  It was also the place I wanted to be on Christmas night.  I have great affection for all of the top ten, but I drive past at least a half dozen bars to have a beer and play Simpson’s pinball.

  • Well deserved. I love this place.

  • JimSweeney

    Congrats Michelle.  Well deserved, you and the SJT are just right! also congrats Liz and team for having three great joints on the list.  Can’t wait for the Jury Room!

  • SJT

    Wow. I am so pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much! I was looking for a reason to open some bubbly tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow& I think this is the perfect excuse ;-)

  • Both CU meetups we’ve had at SJT have been a ton of fun, so thanks to Michelle & Crew for making them great events! :D Let’s do it again in 2011!

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