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Best Bar of 2009: Surly Girl Saloon

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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For many people, picking a “best” bar is a tough decision, as there are many different establishments throughout Columbus to fit just about any mood you might be in. In the end, one bar must stand out above all of the rest as the number one place that you can go on just about any occasion, and that number one bar of 2009 was The Surly Girl Saloon. Opened in late 2005, Surly Girl  has quickly become a Short North favorite. They keep 24 beers on draft along with a variety of custom-made cocktails to keep you coming back for more.

The Top 10 Columbus Bars of 2009:

  1. Surly Girl Saloon
  2. Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails
  3. St. James Tavern
  4. Bodega
  5. Club 185
  6. Bob’s Bar
  7. Level Dining Lounge
  8. O’Reilly’s
  9. Press Grill
  10. High Beck Tavern
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  • catnfiddle

    Considering SJT is a sans-grub pub, #3 is a great ranking.  Congrats to them as well!

  • TimLessner

    Wahoo! Congratulations, Carmen, Liz and Marcy!

  • catnfiddle Says:Considering SJT is a sans-grub pub, #3 is a great ranking. Congrats to them as well!

    Agree whole-heartedly: congrats!

  • Rick Carraway

    Ignorant question: Where is SJT located?

  • DavidF

    I was surprised to see Level on the list. I’m going to have to give them another try. Wasn’t real impressed the one time I was in there. Can’t argue with the rest of the list though.

    Any Level fans out there who want to point me to what they like about it? Not being snarky, I’m genuinely interested.

  • Rick Carraway Says: Ignorant question: Where is SJT located?

    1057 North 4th, in Italian Village. Corner of 4th & Detroit.

  • Woo hoo!!! Big Faves in the top four!!!!

  • SJT

    Congrats to Liz& fam!! I’ll take #3 any day! Woot! Thanks to all :)

  • lizless

    Thanks so much, everyone. The Surly Girl staff is beyond thrilled with this honor. We are equally happy to see all of OUR favorite watering holes part of this list.

  • takeasiesta

    @lizless Congrats!  We especially love the Surly Temple and the Blueberry Lemonade!  Great bartenders who actually take care of us.  I cannot stress that enough.

  • rdysetdisco

    @DavidF Level seems to be a much more enjoyable place when it’s not a friday or saturday night.  maybe check them out on a thursday?

    Happy O’Reillys could represent the north side!

  • chrisgillespie

    Congrats to everyone at Surly Girl!  Great place, and we’re loving the new menu items. 

    Re Level: has some interesting specialty drinks.  I thought the burger was good.  We’ve only been a couple of times on weekends, when the place wasn’t too crowded. 

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