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Best Bar of 2008: Bodega

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Best Bar of 2008 was one of the more closely-called polls in our recent “Best of 2008” survey. Columbus has a lot of great local bars, making it difficult for many to choose just one. Some places have great happy hours, others have great beer selections, others have great patios. Only a few have all three, and Bodega is one such place, and the winner of Best Bar of 2008.

Bodega opened at 1044 N. High Street in November of 2005 to serve as a neighborhood spot to grab a drink, a bite to eat, or takeout food to go. In mid-2007 they upgraded and installed 50 beer taps, making their selection of microbrews on draft one of the largest in town. Coupled with a 4pm-to-8pm half-off happy hour, and weekly food specials to match, there’s hardly a better bang for the buck to be found.

Second Place: The Surly Girl Saloon

Third Place: Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails

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  • True, except for Fridays and Saturdays.

  • I guess there is a reason theey call it “everydayga”

  • laChewla

    I’m with Columbusite. I used to love spending time at Bodega, then it became incredibly popular and crowded so I stayed away for a bit… but the lure of Bodega has caught me again. $1 grilled cheese, delicious beers, stellar happy hour, friends, bicycles, patio, friendly servers and bartenders…so now I just opt for the earlier half of the week.

  • Yeah, I also try to avoid places that are overcrowded, but if you go at the right times on the right days it’s not bad at all. :D

  • mneutron

    Definitely one of the best of Columbus. The Owners and Staff are awesome! Just stay away Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights…. it’s become kind of a douche fest…. Monday’s between 6 and 10 are insanely crowded because of $1 grilled cheese night…

  • cemarshall11

    I am going to have to disagree on this. True there are a ton of bars in Columbus but Bodega isnt the best one. The patio is very cramped and it invites homeless people strolling down high street to lean over and ask you for a bite of a sandwich. The employees dont give that great of service and have such a “We are too cool to even be here” attitude that it hurts to watch a trend control a restuarant. Its crowded and it always feels like people are judging you. Its not a very relaxing atmosphere. By the definition of this article Skully’s would have been the best bar of 2008. I would have voted Surly Girls all the way

  • Ndcent

    I’ve always thought that “people are judging you” attitude comes from the self-conscious.

    And a bar being busy is a good thing.

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