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Best Art Gallery of 2010 – Rivet

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Art Gallery of 2010 – Rivet
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Once every two or three months there’s a business in the Short North that either opens or closes which ignites a new round of discussion about whether or not the arts are supported enough in Columbus. The thing that can sometimes be lost in the shuffle is the group of art galleries who continue to chug along, showcase amazing work, and continue to add to the overall value of our arts community. Rivet is one such example, which opened three and a half years ago, and has already become one of the most enjoyed spaces to take in the arts in the city. In addition to their rotating monthly art exhibits, Rivet serves a dual purpose as a designer toy and collectibles shop.

Top 10 Art Galleries of 2010:

  1. Rivet
  2. Wexner Center
  3. Roy G Biv
  4. 83 Gallery
  5. Lindsay Gallery
  6. Junctionview Studios
  7. Columbus Museum of Art
  8. Mahan Gallery
  9. OSU Urban Arts Space
  10. Madlab Gallery

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  • cc

    I always think of Rivet as more a toy boutique than a gallery. A lot has changed in the SN. That they are no #1 is puzzling and sad for other professional established SN galleries. I assume this is more a random CU centric poll though.

  • These are the results of our “Best of 2010” Reader Survey. We put out a call for votes, had over 900 people take the survey, and tallied the results.

    I think you’re reading too much into this if you’re assuming that this speaks too heavily about the status of other Short North galleries that didn’t make the list. Personally, I think the arts are alive and well in Columbus just judging from the wide variety of answers to this question, including the galleries that didn’t quite garner enough votes to crack the Top 10 up there.

  • Thank you to everyone who voted for Rivet and likes what we are doing with our exhibitions.


  • Andrew Hall


    Rivet has a different exhibition each month featuring local, national and/or international artists. Some of the shows are themed and some feature one or two artists. The artists are often there for the opening. That they also sell collectable toys doesn’t in the least change that they are an art galley and do exactly what galleries should do.

    Your puzzlement speaks of your lack of knowledge, not anything about Rivet or Short North.


  • cc

    I am only making a comparison with other galleries listed, which include the Wexner Center. I am familiar with Rivet and think it is a neat, though small hybrid. There have been many wonderful showings this year. I think a lot is overlooked by the gallery hop crowd. This is only my opinion. It is just a poll and I have an interest in another gallery listed so I am not unbiased. ;)

    Congratulations to Rivet

  • YAY!!!  I’m so happy for you!  Rivet rules!

  • Congratulations Rivet!

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