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Barrio Restaurant Relaunched as Madrid

Walker Evans Walker Evans Barrio Restaurant Relaunched as Madrid
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Barrio quietly closed their doors around two months ago, and Madrid has just as quietly reopened them last week. This new restaurant at 185 North High Street in Downtown Columbus has a similar food concept, but new owners, new decor and a few other new twists.

“We’ve fully gutted the restaurant and remodeled,” said Madrid owner Dae Oh of the Dae Oh Restaurant Group, which also owns Shoku, Black Olive and Two Fish. “The new space is a lot more modern.”

The upstairs portion of the restaurant has been redubbed “The White Room” and will continue to host events such as O-GEE.

The menu at Madrid is being described as 70% spanish-influenced and 30% world cuisine. Dishes include Wonton Tacos, ten different types of tapas, sandwiches, wraps and large dinner entrees.

Madrid is now open for both lunch and dinner.

More information can be found online at www.daeoh.com.

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  • based on the menu, looks to be at most 30% Spanish and 70% world…but seems like it could be pretty good. Dae Oh’s food has never disappointed (me, at least). on service, though………

  • Molly

    I really want there to be a successful restaurant in that space, and we certainly need a better Spanish restaurant in town. But this menu is chaotic. I like that it uses Ohio meat, but why do so many restaurants in Columbus model their menus on Applebee’s, with as much packed in there as possible (wonton, tempura, teriyaki, tapas, calimari, guacamole)? What happened to sticking to a few signature dishes a chef does well? Or is “chef-inspired” all we get in this town?

  • Silver Bezel

    They’ve been open a week and are already on Groupon? Doesn’t appear to be a good sign.

    However I do get a Groupon at least once a week from another Dae O restaurant in town so maybe it’s par for the course.

  • kellyortman

    Molly, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s tiring to peruse a long menu. Pick the menu items that are best cooked and best received, then stick with them.

  • meltsintowonder

    The menu does seem very simple but also very worldly. I thought it would be all Spanish, like Barcelona (the restaurant and the city). Can someone not do a tapas restaurant or will Columbus simply not support an authentic tapas menu?

  • unodemadridencolumbus

    I’ve just checked the menu in their website…. I’m speechless.
    That menu has nothing to do with anything. I find it offensive to Spaniards (myself), Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, etc etc.
    Re-opening this, “restaurant?”, as Madrid (or whatever you want to call it) it’s nothing but a way of writing off taxes when it goes under. Because, it’ll go under.
    Why don’t they just open an awful RiteAid, CVS or Domino’s? It hurts such lack of imagination.

  • Looks like Madrid is gone. Anyone know for sure?

  • lataylor1230

    who did the construction on Madrid? It’s now closed. Steve something???

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