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Bareburger Coming Soon to Downtown Columbus

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Bareburger Coming Soon to Downtown Columbus
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Burger restaurants are one of the most recognizable and important cornerstones of any successful food town. Indeed, there seems to be more places to get a burger than just about any other type of eatery, so when Bareburgers decided to expand outside of their own very successful market to open a location in Columbus, the question had to be asked: what’s so special about Bareburgers?

Bareburgers offers a variety of organic burgers and sandwiches, salads, shakes, and snacks in an environmentally-sustainable and eco-friendly atmosphere. The name itself is derived from the concept: “bare” because the ingredients used are free of hormones, pesticides and other unsavory elements, and the “burger” is the house specialty.

The idea for Bareburgers was born in Brooklyn, NY in 2002 when owner Euripides Pelekanos, who was then working at nightclub Sputnik, dared to go outside the box for burger and snack creations to serve hungry guests. The idea caught on, and in 2009, the first Bareburgers opened in Brooklyn. Now, there are twelve Bareburger joints across the state of New York, and Pelekanos and his crew are ready to spread the love.

“We’re thrilled to expand into the Columbus market,” shares Pelekanos. “[This will be] one of the first Bareburger restaurants outside of New York. We are looking forward to offering a new, sustainable, and above all else, delicious dining experience  to our new neighbors.”

The choices offered by Bareburger are vast, exotic, and locally-sourced, all elements that the Columbus populace has responded to positively in the recent past. Their burger options run the gamut from standard beef, turkey, and veggie to unconventional elk, wild boar, and ostrich.

They also offer fresh salads, like the Pickled Beet & Goat Cheese, and hearty sandwiches, like the Brisket on ciabatta panini. They also serve breakfasts, organic smoothies, and have a full kiddie menu.

Bareburger will open at 463 North High Street in the old Yankee Trader building, across from the Columbus Convention Center this Fall, in roughly five to six months.

For more on their menu, visit www.bareburger.com.

Photos via Bareburger.

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  • heresthecasey

    Have eaten here in NYC and really liked it. Great news that they’re expanding to Columbus.

    The YT spot should be a good fit for this concept.

  • We lived next to the one in Astoria so we know all about this joint. I really hope they keep the same meat options i.e bison, elk, ostrich as mentioned above. They have the most amazing onion rings as well. They don’t freeze anything i don’t think, they have local beers and boomerang playing so don’t ask for them to change it to the game.

  • Lauren Wilson

    Gimme! :)

  • RhondaH

    If it is going to be an out of state chain burger joint this isn’t bad and a good fit for the Arena District. We ate here once when in NYC with a friend who referred to it as ‘fat kid magic’. ;) Interesting burgers made from animals not found in steerage on Noah’s Ark. I remember it being about $15 a burger.

  • @RhondaH – Not to pick nits, but this location isn’t really within the Arena District. It’s that little section of Downtown that falls in between the Arena, Short North, North Market and Convention Center. Always gets associated with those things, but there’s really not a name for where it’s at (along with Barley’s, Char Bar, Martini, etc) other than just “Downtown”. ;)

  • meltsintowonder

    Isn’t this the Char Bar District, Walker? =)

  • The Long Island District, maybe. ;)

  • Glaze

    So, they’ll probably compete with the Ringside Cafe?

  • squid

    @RhondaH Yeah, but a regular everyday boring burger in the city is $12, so $15 isn’t much of a reach. Question is: what they will do when they come here?

    $15 can get you a hell of a lot of good burger++ here. Will that still get you a Thurminator and sides? Been I while since I braved the wait.

    I do love me some Ostrich though. mmmMMM! Wonder if they’ll work with the Ohio farms? Though you could get Wild Boar all day in Southern Ohio I’m guessing that too won’t be local.

    Should be fun for convention center visitors though.

  • winamp83

    Small correction. The first Bareburger opened in Astoria, Queens NYC, not Brooklyn. Brooklyn locations opened a couple years later.

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