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Bar 145 Coming Soon to Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Bar 145 Coming Soon to Columbus
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If you’ll recall from last October, the Toledo-based Bar 145 has been scoping out the Columbus market for expansion of their burger bar gastropub concept. After a few months of searching, they’ve found what they’re looking for at 955 West 5th Avenue in the Fifth by Northwest neighborhood.

“The Grandview location appealed to us because it offers the demographics that are conducive with our target market,” says Jeremy Fitzgerald, owner-operator of Bar 145. “The area offers a large population of young professionals who may be looking for a place to go for live entertainment and great food close to home.”

The Bar 145 concept merges gourmet bar food with high energy night life. A second Bar 145 location opened last month in Kent, Ohio and more are planned for the Cleveland and Ann Arbor markets.

The Columbus location is tentatively expected to open in July or August with construction planned to start in April. Fitzgerald speaks highly of the Columbus market and has high expectations for future growth of the surrounding neighborhoods where the restaurant will be located.

“Columbus is putting itself on the map as a destination for tourists which makes the area very attractive to a growing gastropub franchise,” says Fitzgerald. “There is a buzz around the entire state surrounding the expansions and growth of the Downtown and Grandview areas.”

More information can be found online at www.bar145toledo.com.

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  • mrpoppinzs

    That building strikes me as being very strip-mallish for a gourmet gastro pub.

  • I agree that the building is a little strip-mallish, but I don’t think that will be a detriment as long as the concept is solid. Reminds me a bit of the Flip Burger location (Chef Richard Blais) in Atlanta that is located across the street from a tire shop just outside of Downtown:




  • ricospaz

    It’s going in a strip mall. very bland new building there on 5th.

  • leftovers

    They should have searched a little longer…

  • If the food is good, I don’t care if it’s in a strip mall. Especially when said strip mall is 5 minutes away

  • HogRoaster

    Woodlands is in a strip mall. Marshall’s is in a strip mall. Loose Goose. Spagio. BW3. Yeah, quite a few of the Grandview area bars are in strip mall. Most of them have a good street presence, The Loose Goose/Woodlands Backyard being the exception…but strip mall nonetheless. I think it’s safe to say that location is key, and strip malls only get a bad reputation because you usually associate them with 8-lane 50mph roads and massive seas of parking lots…something not really seen in the Grandview / 5xNW area.

  • Good point, HogRoaster.

  • Hamsterdam

    I’d be pleased with this place so long as they have better TVs than Club 185.

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