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Baja Sol Launches Baja Joe’s Concept in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Last summer, Baja Sol set up shop in Columbus with three locations, two of which took over former Don Pablo’s restaurant spaces. On September 7th, the Minneapolis-based company will use Columbus as the launching ground of a new concept restaurant called Baja Joe’s, which will serve a mix of Mexican and American cuisine in the form of “Burgers, Tacos & Beer”.

The new concept will also be located in a former Don Pablo’s space at 1200 Noe-Bixby Road near the intersection of East Main Street and 270 between Whitehall and Reynoldsburg. More information can be found at Baja-Joes.com.

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  • Porky

    I know a lot of the foodies on here will rip me, esp. given the popularity of the Taco Trucks, but I used to LOVE Don Pablos. Their chicken fajitas were simply the best. I don’t know what they marinated that chicken but it was some of the best grilled chicken ever! And their margaritas were pretty good too, they had a killer happy hour. I miss the Don!

  • This is on the way to my parents’ house in the burg. I think “Far East Side” is easier to say than “near the intersection of East Main Street and 270 between Whitehall and Reynoldsburg”, it would take days if you happened to get into a discussion about the area. As for Don Pablo’s, I can’t say I’ll miss it, but maybe that’s because I got the steak fajitas.

  • GViewProgrammer

    God I hope it is better then Baja Sol, I never thought it possible but that chain actually made me miss Dan Pablos, and that chain stunk too!!!

    No offense if it is a local chain just not good mexican food, the chip bar isn’t great (although it could be a novel idea) and you don’t even get chips when you order a appitizer.

    Ok rant over

  • MrChristopherL

    Forget about Don Pablo’s The new Baja Joe’s is giving away a year of FREE Cheeseburgers to the first 100 people in line to get in on September 7th. They are also giving 5 Tweeters a year of free cheeseburgers if they just retweet the deal from @bajasol and the 5 best blog posts or videos of why you deserve free cheeseburgers for a year!  Get your nomnomnom on by showing your burger love! ;)

  • What are the restrictions on that? Plain and only once per month? ;)

  • MrChristopherL

    Anne – Once a week – 52 Baja Joe Cheeseburgers – you get a coupon book – and I believe “standard” toppings are included. You may have to pay a few more cents for deluxe toppings like bacon! ;)

  • shibbol3th

    Nice to see a post about Baja Sol that wasn’t written by their PR rep.  The food is still really, really awful.

  • I’m pretty puzzeled by that also.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I’d improve the food before expanding.

    Has anyone been there when it’s full?

  • somertimeoh

    I’m with everyone else.  I miss Don Pablo’s.  I didn’t think it was possible for me to actually DISLIKE any Mexican food until I ate at Baja Sol.  Absolutely awful.  And the building, let’s not even talk about what they did to that eyesore.  Gross!

  • Yeah, I never thought I could dislike a place with a limitless chips + salsa bar, but the one time I went to Baja Sol, it was pretty awful.

  • A quick google of baja sol shows that they used bloggers and postings to promote their places.  (clue is the review for the place in Minnesota matches the one in Illinois).

    The one I’ve been to looked like a sixth grade project.

  • I’ve only been to Baja Sol once, and thought it was ok. There’s quite a few other tex-mex / mexican / fast casual mexican places that I enjoy more, so I haven’t had much of a reason to go back yet.

    That being said, I still thought it was cool to see them testing this brand new Baja Joe’s concept in Columbus before opening them anywhere else in the country. Who knows… maybe they make a good burger? I’m willing to give it a shot eventually (although I’m cringing at the drive out to Main & 270).

    I like that Columbus is a test market city. ;)

  • L.I. to Buckeye

    I’ve never been to Baja Sol, but it seems like the menu (if the one I saw was complete) of this place would exclude pretty much anyone who is a vegetarian or who’s interested in finding some healthy options.

    If the location weren’t too far to keep me from going, the menu definitely would.  Oh well. 

  • Actually…there are several vegetarian options as you can replace the meat option in most entrees with a mix of grilled veggies (zuc, cuc, onions, peppers)…the beans (pinto and black) are also vegetarian and the tortilla chips are gluten-free. Just thought I’d pass that on…thanks for you comments.

  • Baja Sol Launches Fourth Restaurant Concept: Baja Joe’s Burgers, Tacos, & Beer
    Columbus, Ohio Location to give-away free Joe Burgers for a year to the first 100 customers at Grand Opening September 7th, 2009
    Inver Grove Heights, MN – Baja Sol Restaurant Group announced today that they will debut their fourth concept, Baja Joe’s Burger’s, Tacos, & Beer on September 7th, at 11 a.m. 2009 in Columbus, Ohio.  A completely different direction from their Baja Sol Fresh Mexican concepts, Baja Joe’s is a modern take on a roadside burger shack featuring classic American beach fare favored by California surfers: burgers, tacos, & beer. The first location to open will be at 1200 Noe-Bixby Rd. Columbus, OH 43213.
    Baja Joe’s will motivate the cheeseburger purists in the Columbus area to arrive at the doors early as they are offering free Joe’s Burgers for a year to the first 100 customers.  The motivated customers will receive coupons which are good for a 52 free Joe Burger (one per week for a year), to reward their opening day support.  Ten more winners will be awarded the free burgers via online contests. 
    Baja Sol is teaming up with another American classic in establishing the menu and beverage selection for Baja Joe’s, the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company.  The menu features many appetizers fried in a Schlitz beer batter – onion rings, brat bites, cheese curds, and chicken tenders.  Other highlights of the menu are Cheese Burgers and street tacos made with slow cooked Barbacoa, Carnitas, or Chicken Tinga. They offer a simple twist to dessert – candy bars served up frozen upon request.
    The concept is an expansion of the chain’s Baja Sol Beachfront Grill, a quick service burger location. The restaurants will have full bars, featuring Schlitz and three other beers on tap and over 20 choices available in cans. Baja Joe’s Burgers, Tacos & Beer restaurants will be between 4,000 and 9,000 square feet. The decor will feature salvaged wood, used furniture and recycled equipment, as well as pool tables, dart machines and jukeboxes. “It’s going to be really fun and laid back,” said Baja Sol President, Bridget Sutton. She continued; “people in this economy are still looking to get back to basics, and comfort food.  We wanted to bring back a classic.” The new concept will be grown through corporate and franchise locations.
    The Columbus location will be the first of three Baja Joe’s Restaurants planned to open in the next six months.  Other locations will include Illinois (Chicago area) and Minnesota (Minneapolis area). The new concept locations is scheduled to  bring the number of locations to 30, doubling the size of the Baja Sol chain from where it was last January.  Baja Sol can be found on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/bajasol) and by searching for Baja Sol on Facebook.  
    About Baja Sol Restaurant Group Inc:
    Since 1995, Baja Sol Restaurants capitalize on today’s maturing tastes and fulfills those cravings within the Mexican/Latin food segment. They have over 18 locations with full-service restaurant, counter service and grill concepts located throughout the Midwestern United States. For more information or franchise information, please visit: http://www.baja-sol.com.

  • GViewProgrammer

    Anyone else think there are a lot of new burger joints opening up lately? Maybe it is just cause I live in grandview but we are getting a Graffiti burger and a 5 guys on fifth right next to the MCDs, Wendy’s, BK, heck even some of the bars serve hamburgers!

    Ground beef must be a big business these days, here and I thought MCDs made all there money on land value!

  • L.I. to Buckeye

    Really?  There are healthy/vegetarian items on the Baja Joe’s menu?  It doesn’t appear to be the case as I look at what’s on their website.   Onion rings and cheese curds are the only non-meat options I see listed and they’re definitely pretty far from healthy.  I don’t see a mention of any  beans or grilled veggies.  I’m not a vegetarian (I look to eat healthfully and don’t do fried…), but if it’s there, you may want to mention to the powers that be that the menu might not appeal to someone like me or to those who opt for a veggie lifestyle.  Just sayin…

    ETA: I just re-read my original comment and I obviously wasn’t clear about my comments. I was referring to the Baja Joe menu, not Baja Sol. Sorry! My bad!

  • Okay…that’s my mistake as well…truce ;)

  • heresthecasey

    @crsimp01, how many burgers did they pay you off with to post all this on here? just curious… ;)


    Baja Joes was a total waste of time.  I give them 2 months to close.  We had the onion rings which were really good, but the double hamburger a total RIPOFF  We added cheese, lettuce and tomato.  The hamburger came on a regular small hamburger bun, diced onions, very little shredded lettuce, and a small roma tomato slice.  They charged us .61 cents for the cheese, and /64 cents for the lettuce and roma tomato.  $6.84 for a ripoff hamburger.  Don’t waste your time.  Bring back Don Pablo’s!!!!

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