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At Home: In Whitehall

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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Dustin and Afton Holfinger had been searching the Near East and East Side of Columbus for nearly a year for their new home. Then they decided to expand their search to Whitehall. It was a neighborhood that they really hadn’t considered before or knew much about. “The thing about the house that really attracted us to it was its vintage simplicity,” said Dustin.  “That and the fact that we had a blank slate in working condition was the main attraction.” The house is 1194 square feet with a full basement, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and a detached garage. They have since remodeled several of the rooms and have a few more projects in the works. Read on to see some of the before and after photos.

They have painted the rooms in cooler relaxing colors that fit their contemporary style. A few bright pieces of art add punch to the palette. The kitchen is a bright, cheery place to work with the bright green walls and windows that let in lots of natural light. They are working on adding a backsplash to complete the kitchen.

Living and dining rooms before:

Living and dining rooms after:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

Other things they have done to the house is made it more energy efficient, added new doors and hardware, added a home gym in the basement and mixed local art pieces into their collection. They are doing most of the work on the house themselves with some help from family and friends.

The house does not have much landscaping, but that is fine with them because they can choose to give the house their own look. If you have not considered Whitehall before, it is a safe, quiet neighborhood only about fifteen minutes east of downtown.

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  • Well look at you two!!! I haven’t seen the changes to the basement yet. Super cool!  <3 you guys!!!

  • Looks great guys, especially that Tote on the sofa!  

  • laChewla

    SWEET green kitchen!  The whole place looks awesome, guys!

  • teehee, the tote is mine. Yes from Tigertree everyone! :)

  • Yojimbo

    Dude, nice rowing machine. That’s full body, you know. ;-)

  • Kbear919

    look at that cute couple smile!

  • Dusty – you guys have done a great job with the house. It looks great. My wife and I have been doing major improvements to our home in North Linden for about two years – tough work. You guys have done great.  – Jarrod

  • L.I. to Buckeye

    Wow!  What a great job you guys did!  The place looks great!

  • JimSweeney

    i’ve seen this joint. Snazzy indeed.
    also, second best mustache in whitehall!

  • Nice pad and great artwork guys!!!! looks like some real nice scores from C Note help to make the place complete.

  • von

    Thanks, y’all.  We hope this sheds some light on a less-travelled, maybe lesser-known portion of town. You are all welcome in Whitehall whenever you’d like to visit!

    There’s and elliptical machine in the “gym” now too. 

    2nd BEST, that’s hooey, Sweeney!

  • Roland

    I heard the doors had to be widened to accommodate the stache. True?

    Love what you did with the kitchen.

  • shy_999

    Welcome to the neighborhood! I live on Mayflower Blvd. (the end near Minuteman and the Police Station). I love the green and the vines on the wall! (and I have that same black lamp! *lol* I love Target!)

  • shmack

    new years eve partay!!

  • martyhoman

    Is that a green Kitchen Aid mixer on the counter? I had no idea they came in that color?

    Looks great !

  • Bear

    Kbear919 Says:
    October 18th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    look at that cute couple smile!

    I know, right?  Even cuter in person.

  • kd

    Great space. I discovered the east side several years ago.  I don’t live in Whitehall, close but not quite. I live in a neighborhood called Berwyn.  Great place to live. Good community neighborhood association. Lot’s of 1950 ranches-most with full basements and garages or carports. I live 10 minutes from downtown when traffic is heavy.  I live 10 minute tops from the Drexel Theater.  It’s a great area and very convenient.  The most diverse neighborhood I have ever lived in central ohio. Prior to moving here, I lived in Olde Town for 8 years, Victorian Village, Merion Village and Upper Arlington.  I don’t see myself moving anytime soon. So convenient to everything.
    Well built 50’s ranch. Love that I have a place for my mid century furniture.  Potential home buyers should check the area out.

  • dru

    top drawer on the renovations, i appreciate the use of gray as a base color. 

    but you make it sound so lowbrow and quaint with terms like ‘near east side’ and ‘whitehall.’  we all know it’s Valerio Heights!  oh the pretension.

  • von

    awww, shucks guys….we’re collectively blushing…

    kd – you hit the nail on the head.  We lived in IV before we moved to Valerio Heights and thought we were headed to white-bread central.  not the case at all.  Our non-access road has families that are: Greek, Japanese, Somali, and Italian.  There are also a couple white families on the street and the house right next door was remodeled for 2 disabled gentlemen with aides.  And, technically, we are bi-racial.  Whitehall does not equate to White Bread.

    Dru, we’re just trying not to seem snooty. haha

  • Great looking house Dustin and Afton. I think Columbus needs to hear about places just like Valerio Heights to expand their mind beyond the immediate downtown neighborhoods.
    As first time homebuyers are priced out of the city center neighborhoods, Clintonville and, increasingly, communities such as Merion Village and Schumacher place, they need a collective reference for “where else” to look.
    Kudos to you both for expanding your horizons and finding not just a good house you could make your own but a community that you could both embrace and be embraced by.

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