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Arena District Establishments Get Ready for Baseball

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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From The Dispatch:

Clippers fever on tap across Arena District
By Bill Chronister

O’Shaughnessy’s Public House has an agreement with Schmidt’s to sell Bahama Mamas, fresh off the grill, in the restaurant. Frog, Bear & Wild Boar has declared itself the official pre- and post-game party place. Inside Huntington Park, Elevator Brewing Co., Bob Evans, Roosters, Tim Hortons, Donatos Pizza and City Barbeque all will run kiosks during the season.

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  • I can’t wait for the park to open – I think it’s going to do some awesome stuff for downtown. And I can’t wait to drink Elevator beer at the ballpark!

  • That is very cool to see beer being sold at the new park that will be brewed just a few blocks away. :D

  • KyleEzell

    Great.  Now let’s disassemble the Crew Stadium (what the hell were they thinking?) and rebuild it on that parking lot between the Lifestyle Pavillion and the Arena.  Hockey + Baseball + Soccer = awesome.

  • I’m really excited for the park. I love that they will have Thursday and Friday afternoon games.

  • This is good news indeed.  If they didn’t get some craft beer in there I was going to have a fit, and they didn’t let me down.  Elevator will be great.  I think the bus from O’Shaun is funny – I know they’re long blocks, but it’s just two blocks people!  Still, if I’m drinking that CBC-brewed house label porter before game time, it might be nice to have a lift . . .

  • matzerrose

    Kyle, FYI plan A WAS to put Crew Stadium down in the same area. They couldn’t make the financing make sense at the time, I believe. Cities are full of Plan Bs, for better or worse.

  • turbo ninja

    I don’t care what Frog Bear “declares itself” – they won’t be a baseball bar until sunburnt fat guys in jean shorts outnumber fake-tanned d-bags in Affliction t-shirts on any given Friday during the season. 

  • jeffz

    God I hate Affliction t-shirts.

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the bar about a block down from the stadium on Nationwide across from the Buggyworks condos?  Is that place open?  I’ve jogged by it on a weeknight but couldn’t tell if it was closed down or not.

  • Jeffz…

    I think you’re talking about Betty’s Bar, no relation with Liz’s fine establishments.  That place has been there for years.  Good little hole in the wall place.  They have bikini bartending on Fridays I think.

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