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Advertising, Demographic and Analytic Information for Columbus Underground

Live Work PlayAbout Columbus Underground
ColumbusUnderground.com is a dynamic community-driven website that offers news, reviews, events, opinions and insight regarding all topics related to life in Columbus, Ohio.

A brief history of Columbus Underground
ColumbusUnderground.com was launched in November 2001 as a resource for everyone interested in updates on local dining, nightlife and entertainment options. Over the past eleven years we have grown both our range of topics as well as our readership, and have become one of the most well-read and recognized names in independent online media in Columbus.

Who reads Columbus Underground
Simply put, our demographics skew toward a younger, well-educated, urban-minded and affluent audience than most other local media outlets. The following statistics provide a more detailed breakdown:

ColumbusUnderground.com Annual Website Traffic
Total Annual Visits:
3,024,193 visits
Absolute Unique Annual Visitors:
1,369,988 users
Total Annual Pageviews:
9,344,086 pages

Average Visitors Per Day:
8,262 users
Average Pageviews Per Day:
25,530 pages
Average Time Spent per Visit: 3 minutes 34 seconds
Average Pageviews Per Visit: 3.09 pages

All statistics based on information gathered Jan 1, 2012 - Dec 31, 2012 utilizing Google Analytics.

ColumbusUnderground.com Content & Users:
Total Registered Users and Contributors: 37,000+
Total News/Featured Articles: 8,500+
Total News Comments: 111,000+
Total Messageboard Discussion Topics: 32,000+
Total Messageboard Discussion Comments: 429,000+
Total Newsletter Subscribers: 4,300+ (as of Jan 5, 2013)
Total Facebook Likes/Fans: 8,850+ (as of Jan 5, 2013)
Total Twitter Followers: 24,600+ (as of Jan 5, 2013)

All statistics based on information gathered Jan 5, 2013 from our website database.


Information based on our biannual 2011 readers demographic survey.

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Nancy Colvin
nancy@columbusunderground.com — mobile: 614-949-6853
Nancy is the Director of Sales & Client Relations at Columbus Underground.com and TheMetropreneur.com. She holds a finance degree from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, which gives her a robust understanding of calculating returns on ad spends when creating customized advertising campaigns for clients. In her spare time, Nancy is an avid cyclist, a transit enthusiast, and volunteers with the Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association in the neighborhood that she calls home.

Charles Erickson
charles@columbusunderground.com — mobile: 614-439-0551
Charles is an Advertising Sales Executive at Columbus Underground.com. As the co-founder and former director of development for The Small Business Beanstalk, Charles has built a strong reputation as a go-to guy for assisting the local business community with expanding their marketing reach. Charles spends his free time working on freelance creative design and event marketing projects for a wide variety of local and national clients. He currently resides in Clintonville with his wife and son.

Shawn Quigley
shawn@columbusunderground.com — mobile: 614-348-5303
Shawn is an Advertising Sales Executive at Columbus Underground.com. Shawn has worked in the Digital Media Industry since 2003 and comes to us from working at Yp.com for the past three years. He has had the opportunity to help business owners in a variety of industries grow their businesses through developing strategic advertising plans that are designed to convert browsers into customers. Shawn currently lives with his wife Tonnetta and their three dogs, Beans, Bob, and Rajah in Westerville where he is a member of Little Turtle Golf Club.