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600 Goodale to Offer Modern, Sophisticated Apartments

Walker Evans Walker Evans 600 Goodale to Offer Modern, Sophisticated Apartments
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A dirt lot at 600 West Goodale Street in the far northwest corner of Downtown sits empty and alone with little but the White Castle corporate headquarters across the street to keep it company. Despite the seemingly barren area, Brett Kaufman sees a lot of potential here.

“This site is right in the middle of a lot of thriving areas of Columbus,” he explains. “It’s right in between the Arena District, Downtown, Ohio State University and Grandview.”

Kaufman is the CEO of Kaufman Development, which plans to build a new five-story 174-unit apartment complex here known as 600 Goodale. The new apartment development will feature a modern interior and exterior design and amenities that go above and beyond the basics.

“The focus of what I love doing everyday is an accumulation of all the things I’m passionate about,” says Kaufman. “So we’re building communities around wellness, fitness, philanthropy, sustainability, innovation and design, and we’re doing that in a variety of ways.”

Some of the ways those focus areas will be actualized include an artist-in-residence program in partnership with CCAD, fitness and wellness programming by Lululemon Athletica and a philanthropic partnership with the Community Shelter Board.

Brett Kaufman, CEO of Kaufman Development

“Instead of a traditional business center for residents, we’ll have more of a mini-incubator in collaboration with OSU and Battelle,” says Kaufman. “We want to create a real thriving community with some real substance.”

While Kaufman Development has only been up and running since June of 2011, Brett Kaufman has a 15-year career in the industry already behind him. He’s worked in banking and helped to finance other apartment developers, and also worked his way up to President of the Schottenstein Real Estate Group, where he oversaw the development and operations side of the business for 11 years.

Once complete, 600 Goodale will feature four stories of rental units atop a single-story parking structure. Roughly 60% of the units are one bedroom or efficiencies, while the remainder are two and three bedroom units. The fifth floor of the building will contain larger penthouse units and a concierge level with extra services and amenities.

“One of the other things that we’re really excited about it that there’s a major bike path improvement that will go directly in front of our community,” says Kaufman. “That new path will travel over the Olentangy River with a lookout point for scenic views and then connect to Grandview, OSU, Downtown and the rest of the trail system.”

Over two dozen other apartment developments are either under construction or have been announced in Downtown Columbus or in neighborhoods adjacent to Downtown. The competition doesn’t seem to deter Kaufman one bit.

“There’s a lot of irons in the fire and there’s a lot of projects starting to move forward,” he explains. “But the Downtown market has been underserved for quality apartments for a long time. So I believe that there’s a lot of room for everybody to be successful.”

“And I’m encouraged because the people developing apartments Downtown are all quality developers,” he adds. “Nationwide and Edwards and Wagenbrenner are all very good companies.”

The underground utility work at 600 Goodale has already been completed, and Kaufman Development is currently working on the parking garage foundation, with an expectation to be “going vertical” very soon.

“We’ll work through the remainder of 2012 and plan to bring units online for delivery sometime toward the beginning of next year,” says Kaufman. “So we’re looking at late winter or early spring 2013.”

More information can be found online at www.kaufmandev.com.

Photo of Brett Kaufman provided by Chris Walker Photography. Chris Walker works as a on-Location commercial photographer working with cooperate, advertising, and editorial clients. If you would like to connect with Chris Walker Photography, email [email protected], or visit www.CWalkerPhotography.com.

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  • HogRoaster

    Good to see some renderings. I’d love to see something that shows the Goodale bike connection too. It should be interesting to see how eastbound traffic on Goodale enters this….but for westbound traffic, getting to/from 315 south couldn’t be any easier!

  • columbusmike

    Yeah, I’d like to see this proposed bike trail bridge/connector/look-out? Are they working on this or is it a city project?

  • Pickerington_Kyle

    I just love the design of this building. If it were to be built on the Columbus Commons, it would lease out in probally 1 day.

  • I’m fairly positive that the bike path upgrade is a part of the Bicentennial Bikeways Plan, and handled by the city.

  • ricospaz

    Wow, a very loud area, basically sandwiched between 315 and the goodale ramp. I guess there aren’t a lot of choices though. Guess you could walk to GV Yard or a bit farther to Arena.

  • HogRoaster

    I wonder if there will be enough guest parking in the parking garage? Otherwise, guests will need to either bike there, park illegally at White Castle, or walk a half-mile or so from parking lots in the Arena District or Grandview Yard. Or maybe they’ll be able to kayak there from OSU once the 5th Ave dam is demolished. Maybe they’ll just have to cater to loners who never have any guests.

  • HogRoaster

    Not to be too critical, but are we sure this isn’t the design for an apartment complex in Buenos Aires? It looks like the sun is probably shining from the NORTH in the rendering that shows off the pool and it’s vista of 315 / the mighty Olentangy.

  • mrpoppinzs

    Looks great! I think The Grandview or 600 Goodale would be great alternatives (and a less rowdy) to living in the AD, but so close to everything.

  • cheap

    looks like a swinging singles apt complex from the 60’s in Ca.

    very neat

  • MHJ

    It would be really helpful to attach some sort of map to this type of article. While I have a general sense of the location that is described in the article, I can’t quite place it, and Google Maps’ satellite view shows some sort of building right across the street from White Castle HQ, so it’s unclear whether that’s the site indicated or not.

  • Yes, 600 Goodale is the site of where this apartment development will be going. I assume the building you’re referring to via google maps is the former Kimball Midwest building, which was demolished awhile back to make room for this new development.

  • MHJ

    Oh ok thanks! And shame on Google Maps for not updating their imagery.

  • bkaufman

    Thanks Walker and ColumbusUnderground.com for the update on our community. We are very excited to bring our concept for housing to downtown Columbus.

    The bike path plans are being completed in conjunction with the City of Columbus and we are happy to share with CU and anyone that is interested upon completion.

    I appreciate all the comments and I’m available to answer questions anytime.

    Thanks you for your input.


  • dwinks

    While I’m all for more bike infrastructure (at least it’ll still have a use in 20-50 years, unlike freeways), “lookout point for scenic views” is laughable. Take a look at the area in Google maps, it’s entirely surrounded by disgusting, smelly, filthy, noisy freeways and on/off ramps. There’s absolutely nothing ‘scenic’ about the area, the American obsession with getting fatter, erm, I mean spending hours every week sitting in traffic on a freeway put a stop to anything within a mile of this site ever being scenic. But hey, at least there’s mention of the bike path being an ‘amenity’, that’s a good start.

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