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2014 FIFA World Cup: Where to Watch in Columbus

Chris Landauer Chris Landauer 2014 FIFA World Cup: Where to Watch in Columbus
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After much anticipation, and much controversy, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is ready to begin in Brazil on Thursday, June 12. While Rio de Janeiro may be over 5,000 miles from Columbus, there are plenty of opportunities right here in town to experience an exciting atmosphere to watch the matches.

Fado Irish Pub: In what will likely be the largest viewing party in town, Fado Irish Pub at Easton will be partnering with the Columbus Crew, Budweiser, and Pepsi to host special event viewing parties for all USA matches. For those games, the parking lot behind the pub will be blocked off, a soccer field will be created, and a Jumbotron will display the matches with full-volume. In addition, Crew players will make appearances and Homage will be on hand with t-shirts and other merchandise. All other World Cup matches will be televised with volume both inside and on the pub’s patio.

Claddagh Irish Pub: The Brewery District bar will televise all games, with volume. They will be running beer specials, including $3 Bud/Bud Light bottles, $10 for 5 Bud/Bud Lights, and $3 Sam Adams drafts.

Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse: The Indianola Avenue theater will televise many World Cup matches on their movie screen, and others in the bar. Admission is Free.

Ruby Tuesday: The Summit Street bar will be televising all World Cup matches.

Gallo’s Tap Room: The Bethel Road establishment will televise all the games with sound-on. There will be daily beer specials, and some unique European beers will be featured that they don’t usually have available on tap.

Novak’s Tavern and Patio: The Short North bar will televise all matches. All house drinks and martinis will be half off. In addition, they will have $2 domestic bottles, $3 import bottles, $3 3-olive vodka, $4 Jameson, and $5 Patrón.

BBR: The Arena District establishment will televise all matches, and will have volume for all USA matches. Individual speaker-boxes are available if someone would want volume for another match.

There are surely many other venues to take in all the action. Check with other bars near you.

A full schedule of match-times for the 2014 FIFA World Cup can be found at: match schedules.

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  • Saint Murrays

    Don’t forget 4th Street Bar and Grill and Hendoc’s.

  • brandyjordan

    Yep 4th St bar…be there. 70″ screen and 4 others our back with beer trucks and great people.

  • The Dudely Lama

    I was under the impression that they were not doing anything at the stadium this year. Or was that a typo about the parking lot behind the “stadium” being blocked off? Possibly the parking lot behind “Fado’s”?

  • Zauber Brewing will be showing all of the matches, AND we are offering happy hour prices during all of them! We’re also an official World Cup Columbus Crew partner so we’ll be giving stuff away – PROST!

  • Chris Landauer

    You are correct, Dudley Lama. That was a typo, it should read behind the bar. There won’t be anything at the stadium this year. Sorry for the confusion.

  • cheribeli

    Don’t forget about 4th Street Bar for all the OFFICIAL American Outlaws watch parties. Also they will be hosting a night before party on the 15th: Night before party on Sunday the 15th at 5pm
    -Special guest and flag drop (just like Mexico night before party)

    Backlot will be open for night before and all US games featuring
    -70″ outdoor tv mounted on the balcony and 4 more flat screens around the backlot
    -Beer truck, multiple beer tubs, and food truck
    -2 large tents on standby in the event of rain

    Raffle giveaways for every World Cup game
    -Better prizes for the bigger games
    -US Jerseys, balls, Homage shirts, etc.

  • aesson.4

    Does anyone know of a place that will allow a small dog (french bulldog) on their patio to watch the games?

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