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2011 Election Results – Coleman Wins Fourth Term

Walker Evans Walker Evans 2011 Election Results – Coleman Wins Fourth Term
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The votes have been tallied and the results are in. Michael B. Coleman has won his fourth term as Columbus Mayor, and all four Democrat candidates were chosen for Columbus City Council: Michelle Mills, Andrew Ginther, Zach Klein and Hearcel Craig.

Issue 3 passed while Issue 1 and Issue 2 failed.

Are you happy with the results of the election? Any surprises? Let us know in the comments section below.

For a full list of local election results, visit vote.franklincountyohio.gov.

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  • JSmith

    Columbus will never be the cosmopolitan city we should be, as long as we only have one voice in this city. I am very disappointed in these results – not so much for mayor (Coleman had more money – but hey! Let’s get money out of politics! But not until after I vote for the guy with more of it!), but for city council. Our representation does not reflect the diversity in our city. Although I was born and raised here, I’ve lived all over the country and have experienced the benefits of a truly sophisticated political landscape. I’m wondering why I’m even here … once a cowtown, always a cowtown. Shaking my head, Columbus. Shaking my head.

  • Roland

    That might be the saddest rant I’ve ever read. I hope you feel better now.

  • stephentszuter

    @JSmith I’m wondering why you’re even here, as well. Just leave.
    On a happier note, this is wonderful news! Coleman has been essentially renovating downtown and the surrounding areas for the last ten years+ and it has been truly a sight to see. I will support Coleman so long as he is Mayor! Very happy with these results!!!
    Very excited to see what he will be doing during this next term.

  • stephentszuter

    Also, you forgot to mention that Issue 22 passed! I think it’s wonderful to see that Columbus truly cares about the developmentally disabled even in a time of hardship for the city and country. It’s things like this that make living in Columbus such a wonderful thing.

  • Kahiki

    Eric Brown losing to some phoney-baloney O’Grady was a huge disappointment.

  • JSmith

    “Just leave.” What an articulate response.
    As I said, we elected the man with the most money. The truth is the truth. I wonder how many people who voted for Coleman stand with the Occupy movement? Irony can be pretty ironic, eh?
    Granted, there weren’t many choices for mayor. A rich, establishment leftist, a Republican who agreed with Coleman on almost all the issues, and a write-in candidate that was a little underwhelming.
    But we had choices for City Council. GOOD choices. Instead, we chose to keep Hearcel “Handicapped” Craig, Michelle “Abstain on Every Vote” Mills and Zach “Nationwide” Klein. Ginther at least does not stand in lockstep, and for that I respect him. The others, not so much.

  • Welcome to democracy.

  • OSUPhantom

    Meh. Less than pleased with the results but honestly I’m not surprised. Columbus is doing just fine either way (This is coming from a registered Republican).

  • JSmith

    Even if the one voice on council is one you agree with, at least recognize that it isn’t EVERYONE’S voice. Diversity is a four-letter word ’round these here parts. Just saying.

  • hivner1

    I’m happy with Coleman but it’s weird that he hasn’t had a legitimate challenge in a long time. I’m disappointed with city council as well for the reasons that JSmith has articulated, also disappointed with the reactions of “just leave” and “welcome to democracy.”

  • I didn’t even vote for City Council, I don’t know anything about the race, more coverage from sources I read would be nice, but I don’t have time to get involved in every level of everything. I was happy to see some of the results, glad the Major got re-elected, why fix whats not totally broken?

  • “Just leave” isn’t appropriate at all. All opinions are welcome. Let’s keep this conversation civil and conversational. Thanks.

  • Roland

    Coleman didn’t win just because he had more money. He won because Columbus has been doing well and as stated above, there really wasn’t a choice in the matter. There was interest in Earl Smith when he announced his entry to the race but he never truly produced any sort of plan. He was just a nice guy.
    I’m not entirely happy with the actions of the mayor, or city council, but I can’t deny the positives that Columbus has experienced under their leadership. The importance of that is amplified when I look at the state of other cities in Ohio.

  • I’m a huge supporter of Mayor Coleman.  I moved to this city for work back in 2005 and have been impressed with its progress ever since.  With recent developement announcements and the bicentennial happening this year, I’m excited for what’s to come for Columbus.  BTW, I think 2 big things really helped the Mayor:

    – 31 million dollar surplus this year …. show me another city that did that this year
    – the success of the Scioto Mile

    so JSmith, I believe that’s what won him the election – the fact that overall he’s doing a good job

  • leek01

    Perhaps it wasnt intended this way, however in my mind I combine the written defense of “JSmith” and the author’s usage of the word “Democrat” (instead of “Democratic”), which sounds like the old Republican pundit slur. It appears that while trying to maintain journalistic integrity some bias is slipping out. I dont think jsmith was being attacked for diversity of oppinion, but for the phrase “always a cowtown”. It is so old, sickening, and overused by people who feel that they are “stuck” in columbus because of parents or some other reason. The proper response IS “then move!” as they haven’t been and won’t be happy with Columbus no matter who’s in charge. I remember back to the election of Dana “Buck” Reinhart. I have always loved Columbus, just some years more than others.

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